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Lighting Rebates Peoria IL

Lighting Rebates Peoria IL

S&S Assists with Lighting Rebates Peoria IL Will Appreciate

As part of our energy audit program, S&S can connect you with any tax rebates you may qualify for. This could include any energy updates you incorporate into your home or business. Governments and utility companies both reward people with incentives to perform certain upgrades, and one of those qualifying upgrades is for energy efficient lighting. Our goal is for our customers to become smarter, safer energy users. A proud, registered Program Ally of the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency program, we employ money-saving lighting solutions so you can lower your energy costs. As an original registered program ally of Ameren Illinois Utilities Co., we have been program participants for the last seven years. As a result, S&S assists with lighting rebates Peoria IL will appreciate.

Lighting Rebates as Incentives

Who doesn’t want to save money? We can perform an energy audit on your home or business to let you know where you could be saving money. We’ll  assess your current lighting situation, listen to your needs and recommend a plan to lower your electrical costs. In addition, we will advise you on your eligibility for a rebate from your local utility company.

Lighting Rebates Peoria IL

Over the years, we’ve obtained $155,951.39 in rebates for our customers while reducing the electric load by 1,813,941.69 kwh. And, with 75% of our audits resulting in a payback of less than two years, it just makes sense to upgrade to energy efficient lighting. Plus, you receive a warranty of up to five years to protect your investment.

Call us for an energy audit today. Why not save cash and the environment at the same time?

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