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What Makes a Great Exterior Sign?

What Makes a Great Exterior Sign?

By having an exterior sign for your business, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. However, if your signs are bland or poorly designed, you risk alienating customers more than attracting them. With help from the proper sign company in Peoria IL and various sign design methods, you’ll find the perfect sign to drive the most traffic into your store.

Seen and Understood

Exterior signs must be easy to read and in a visible location to get the most out of them. Signage mounted on the side of your store is best for attracting foot-traffic while road-side signs bring in people driving by. Once in the right spot, can people properly read your signage? From any distance and speed, you should understand a sign. Utilizing two principal components, you can ensure your sign is legible:

  • Font – Your sign must use a font that is large, bold and easy to read. (No cursive!) Also, only use a max of two different fonts for a sign.
  • Color – Contrasting colors work to help your sign stand out. By matching bright letters with a dark background, or vice-versa, you’ll catch the eye of passers-by.

Represent Your Brand

When you have a specific design and feel for your store, you should broadcast it to potential customers. Folks who are attracted to your brand will be more likely to visit your store and make a purchase. You can continuously promote your brand by creating a sign with your design styles in mind. Including your logos and unique color schemes, you’ll find the audience you want for your business.

Let it Shine

If the lights are off for a business, your first thought is “closed.” The same can happen to your store. While your lights inside may stay on during the later hours, an unlit sign does not seem inviting. By having your sign lit throughout the night, you keep customers coming in. Or, people passing by will continue to notice your store, both day and night. By using LED lighting, keeping the lights on should have little impact on your energy bill.

The Proper Company

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To bring all the right elements of exterior sign design together, you need the right company to do so. When you look for experienced installers who utilize high-quality materials, there’s one sign company Peoria IL businesses count on: S&S Signs Lighting Electrical.

At S&S, we offer custom signs for small businesses or large franchises throughout the Central Illinois area. Since 2002, we’ve provided various services, including sign design, fabrication, installation, repair, maintenance and more. Our focus on longevity and energy-efficiency have made us the local sign installers of choice.

To start designing the right exterior signage for business, get in touch with the best sign company Peoria IL has to offer. Call S&S Signs Lighting Electrical today at 309-740-7796. Also, we are located at 4305 N. Main St., East Peoria, IL 61611.

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